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The algorithm is based on computer recognition technology. It disassembles X-ray image information from lines to materials at multiple levels, and automatically identifies and alarms conventional bags, liquids, explosives, etc. It reduces the burden of staff. It is widely used in airport railway, conference and other security inspection scenarios. With the help of Intel OpenVINO™, the 2nd generation intelligent security analysis terminal can optimize the performance of visual reasoning, giving full play to the AI computing potential of Intel platform and the expansibility of multi-hardware platform. The algorithm is also converted from GPU to CPU(Intel i3-8100T) analysis. With the premise of maintaining the recognition accuracy and speed of the original algorithm, the hardware cost is reduced.
Airport Metro/Station, etc.
Government Organs/Exhibitions/Large Event Centres
The traditional X-ray security inspection machine carries an automatic identification algorithm for contraband, which automatically identifies dangerous objects such as knives, guns and guns. It can effectively reduce the blind area of naked eye cases and improve the efficiency of security inspection.
The algorithm can automatically identify dangerous goods such as bags, liquids and explosives. It assists security inspectors to improve the accuracy of security inspection and ensures the safety of personnel.
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