Wine identification algorithm
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The wine identification algorithm is used to detect the wine label in the picture and identify the name, type, origin and variety of the red wine.The algorithm is mainly applied to wine merchants, red wine social circle and wine collection.
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Wine dealer/auction house
The organizer of the wine sharing session
Wine collection
Online wine mall
Under the demand scenario of quickly understanding and mastering tens of millions of red wines, the algorithm can assist merchants to quickly find information, reduce manual search costs, and track customer preferences.
Easily obtain the information of various niche wines in real time, judge the quality of them, and communicate freely.
Automatically recognize and enter the list of red wines that have been collected, check the leaks and fill vacancies in the wine library to the greatest extent, and continuously improve the varieties of the wine collection library.
Provide customers with wine knowledge retrieval and one-stop shopping, record customer wine preference information, push targeted, optimize services, and increase the transaction rate of online shopping malls.
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