• Introduction
  • Functional Demo
  • Application Scenarios
  • Related Algorithms
Detecting and marking the faces in pictures or videos , conduct positioning analysis to the key points about face-type, eye-type, eye distance , and conclude the facial characteristic data, such as round face, square face, long face, inverted triangle face, diamond face, uplifting eyes, drooping eyes, round eyes and so on.
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Facial Beauty
Online Hairstyle/ Makeup / Collocation
Medical Orthopedics
Interactive Marketing

Based on the face profile detection, the system can help modifying people’s face/eye-type. It can be applied to facial beauty, special effects camera, face patch and other interactive entertainment features.

Based on the face profile detection, the system can be applied to online cosmetics shop, barbershop, APP and other interactive marketing activities to realize online makeup trial, online hairstyle and online accessories trial, etc.

It can be used as medical tools so the doctors can put out a customized facial report, and make a local fine-tuning plan for the customers.

Matched the pre-set business content, the system can be used for online interactive entertainment marketing, such as face test, face changing, beauty competition, etc.

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