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Based on artificial intelligence analysis technology, it automatically recognizes whether the garbage can is full or the can overflows, at the same time, it detects whether there is trash piled in the area around the trash can and annonces management personnel to clean up in time.
city management
Restaurant kitchen
Fixed trash bin area on each floor of the office building
Automatically identify whether the garbage bin is full or overflowing and whether there is garbage piled around on the streets of the city. If it is detected that the trash bin is full or overflowing, and there is garbage piled around, it will be immediately reported to the sanitation staff in order to cleaned up in time.
For the kitchen of hotel restaurants and school restaurants, automatically identify the trash bin area and whether the trash bin is full or overflowing. If the trash bin is detected to be full, arrange personnel to clean it up in time.
For office buildings, the trash bin area of each floor is full and overflowing, and the surrounding garbage stacking situation is automatically identified. If the trash bin is full or there is garbage piled around, immediately notify the property management staff and arrange for cleaning in time.
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