Vehicle Occupying Detection/Illegal Parking Recognition
  • Introduction
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  • Application Scenarios
  • Related Algorithms
Vehicle Occupying Detection/Illegal Parking Recognition algorithm is mainly used in residential areas, industrial parks, roadside parking, fire exits and other areas. When vehicles enter non-stop areas or illegally occupy roads, theVehicle Occupying Detection/Illegal Parking Recognition algorithm can automatically detect the license plate numbers of the vehicles, and upload the license plate numbers and pictures of vehicles on the spot to the customer's management platform, which is convenient for staffs to deal with illegal occupation behaviors in time.
Urban Rd
industrial park
Automatic identification of major urban roads, license plate illegal parking, vehicle occupation and other illegal acts, output vehicle license plate information and on-site snapshot pictures, upload to the traffic management platform, and assist traffic management personnel to effectively enforce the law.
It can automatically identify the illegal parking and occupation of vehicles in the park. If it is in the state of occupation and illegal parking for a long time, it will immediately feed back to the property management personnel of the park, and contact the owner to move the car in time.
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