• Introduction
  • Functional Demo
  • Application Scenarios
  • Related Algorithms
Based on AI vision analysis technology, analysis the people entering the monitored area in real time. The 2 functions can be used simultaneously or seperately. Once the smoking or calling behavior is recognized, the system will send real-time warning and push it to the management personnel, largely increasing the management efficiency and ensure security of the workers.
Oil Field/Gas Station
Shopping Mall, museum, station, etc
School, kitchen
Gas station, paint factory
Automatically recognize the smoking/call behavior and warn timely to reduce the potential safety hazards.
Automatically detect the illegal smoking behavior in public places like the shopping mall, museum, station, etc. and warn timely, efficiently preventing smoking.
Automatically detect smoking behavior in school or kitchen, timely send a warning to prevent smoking.
For special places where fire or explosion happens easily such as gas stations, paint factories, liquefied petroleum gas stations, etc., send a warning when the smoking behavior is detected and push the notification to the administrator for timely prevention, improving the security of the factory.
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