• Introduction
  • Functional Demo
  • Application Scenarios
  • Related Algorithms
The algorithm is based on computer recognition technology. It disassembles X-ray image information from lines to materials at multiple levels, and automatically identifies and alarms conventional bags, liquids, explosives, etc. It reduces the burden of staff. It is widely used in airport railway, conference and other security inspection scenarios. Based on artificial intelligence visual analysis technology, the algorithm can automatically identify the presence of chemical sewage, white garbage, people, buoys, boats and other floating objects in rivers, reminding people to timely control river pollution, or rescue personnel and boats.
Water industry company
Water Affairs Bureau/ Environmental Protection Bureau

The algorithm automatically identifies the white garbage and floating matter in the reservoir channel. It reminds managers to dispatch salvage boats and professionals to salvage surface floats in time to prevent river pollution and ensure clean living water.

The algorithm automatically supervises and identifies whether chemical sewage, white garbage, people, life buoys, boats and other floating substances exist in rivers within the jurisdiction area, so as to ensure the river clean and create a good water ecological environment.

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