• Introduction
  • Functional Demo
  • Application Scenarios
  • Related Algorithms
The algorithm is based on computer recognition technology. It disassembles X-ray image information from lines to materials at multiple levels, and automatically identifies and alarms conventional bags, liquids, explosives, etc. It reduces the burden of staff. It is widely used in airport railway, conference and other security inspection scenarios. The algorithm can automatically identify key fields of Chinese and English passport data pages, including Chinese/English names, gender, passport type, passport number, etc. The recognition results are output by line.
Entry-exit identity authentication
Entry-exit business processing
Travel agencies
The algorithm automatically identifies passport information, carries out rapid identification of entry-exit personnel, and reduces the cost of staff input and verification.
It is suitable for self-service and remote information inquiry scenarios of entry-exit offices to improve business efficiency.
The algorithm can be applied to the batch entry of passport information and business management in travel agencies and other organizations, so as to improve business efficiency.
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