• Introduction
  • Functional Demo
  • Application Scenarios
  • Related Algorithms
Based on computer recognition technology, with on-site cameras, it can automatically recognize the fall behavior of people in public places such as subway escalators/stairs, old and young activity areas, with an accuracy rate higher than 90%, timely rescue, improve the effect of manual supervision, and ensure life safety.
Subway station/park
Smart community/community
Kindergarten/home for the aged
Automatically recognizes the accidents of people falling down in the unexpected places such as escalators and stairs in the subway station, provides real-time warning and timely rescue, effectively reduces the error and cost of human supervision, and improves the safety of public places.
In the community or community real-time control, identify the elderly and young children fall action, immediately send a notice, timely rescue.
Will automatically identify the fall accident of the staff in the activity area such as kindergarten/home for the aged without supervision, and report to the police immediately to avoid the delay in rescue caused by the lack of human supervision.
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