• Introduction
  • Functional Demo
  • Application Scenarios
  • Related Algorithms
Based on large-scale reflective clothing data recognition training, with on-site cameras, it can automatically monitor whether people are wearing reflective clothing in special environments such as highways and construction sites, effectively preventing accidental injuries caused by not wearing reflective clothing, and efficiently supervise and supervise.
Site mine
Road sanitation
Road administration and traffic police
For night site or coal mine underground and other special environmental workers, automatically identify whether compliance wearing reflective work clothes, real-time reminder records, prevent safety accidents, low cost and efficient supervision.
Aims at the highway and other road sanitation workers to automatically identify their reflective clothing wearing, and those who are not wearing it will be reminded immediately to ensure the safety of personnel.
Can automatically identify the reflective overalls worn by road maintenance and traffic police on duty, so as to prevent dangerous accidents and ensure the safety of personnel.
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