Pupil Detection
  • Introduction
  • Functional Demo
  • Application Scenarios
  • Related Algorithms
Face detection in pictures and dynamic videos, position and mark the pupil location, calculate pupil size changes, judge the person's attention, mood changes and other information. This technology can adapt to various real environments such as large-angle side face, occlusion, blur, expression change, etc.
Classroom Education/ Lecture
Fatigue Driving
Offline Advertising
The pupil changes show the attention of different teaching contents and different time periods so as to evaluate the teaching quality and improve the teaching contents and methods.
Carry out real-time monitoring to the driver's face, monitor the driver’s real-time attention based on the driver's pupil changes and fatigue driving standards, achieve early warning of fatigue, can be used for car configuration, long-distance driving fatigue driving warning, etc.
Based on the changes in the pupils of the characters, the characters' attention and mood changes under different advertisement contents are automatically identified to judge the effect of different advertisement contents and spaces.
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