Algorithm Marketplace
Extreme Vision created the first computer vision algorithm marketplace in China. We are committed to exploring the development and application of AI in different industries, providing enterprises with the richest AI algorithms and solutions
Public Utilities
Comprehensively cover the management of public utilities and comprehensively improve the level of intelligence and refinement of urban management
Smart Transportation
Empower the traditional transportation industry and improve the level of urban transportation governance and planning
Commercial Real Estate
Smart + era, to build a new model of intelligent commercial real estate
Smart Agriculture
Science and technology drive agricultural reform and lead the development of modern agriculture
Smart Energy
Integration of data and intelligence to help the whole process of energy production, operation and maintenance management
Smart Industry
Technological innovation realizes cost reduction and efficiency increase of enterprises, and comprehensively improves the level of enterprise digitalization and intelligence
Smart Finance
AI assists the development of fintech operations, co-creates the smart new era of Intelligent Finance
Retail & FMCG
AI helps retail and FMCG industry to improve business efficiency in all aspects
Smart Logistics
Future-oriented transportation management method to improve the operational efficiency of the logistics industry
General industry
AI empowers thousands of industries to create a better and smart life
One Key to Start The Journey of Intelligent Transformation