City Management Cases
Open up the city system, improve resource operation efficiency, optimize city management and services
  • Extreme Vision provided the AI smart security algorithm for the First China International Import Expo, which could quickly identify dangerous goods such as knives, guns, and firecrackers with an accuracy rate of up to 96%, which established the first security barrier for the Expo.
  • Extreme Vision has created a smart city management system for the Zhuhai Xiangzhou District Government, which included road management, pavement condition management and environmental security management. The system replaces manual inspections with artificial intelligence to improve city management and city operation efficiency.
  • Cooperated with UNISINSIGHT, Extreme Vision used AI vision recognition technology to create "AI + open kitchen" to ensure people's food security and improve the efficiency of kitchen management.
  • Extreme Vision provided a smart fire extinguishing system for Wuxi Fire Station, which could intelligently monitor the status of fire fighting devices, personnel on duty, open flames and smoke conditions in the fire area, which provided warning for the fire department at the first time.
Industry Solutions
  • 01
    Complicated city management tasks and insufficient law-enforcement personnel
  • 03
    Relying on traditional management methods and less applying information technology
  • 02
    Large floating population in cities, complex nighttime environment and difficult law enforcement
  • 04
    In the transition process from "post-event processing" to "pre-warning", the intelligent control and early warning system is urgently needed
Pain Points of Industry
Solution Overview
Extreme Vision smart city management system makes full use of urban surveillance cameras and carries computer vision algorithms to realize real-time analysis of video data of urban streets and monitor the overall operation of the city in an all-round way. The system involves many fields such as urban management, urban security, urban water affairs and bright kitchens, which achieves efficient and integrated urban refined management.
Solution Value
  • Improve the quality of urbanization and realize refined and dynamic management
    Use scientific and technological methods to comprehensively improve the quality of urban inspections and improve the level of urban refined management
  • Improve the efficiency of urban operation and build a safety city
    High-precision algorithm + real-time early warning system to help detect urban emergencies in time and improve the overall urban security efficiency
  • Improve the appearance of the city and enhance the livability of the city
    Assist the water affairs, housing construction, Food and Drug Products Administration to realize smart management and improve the happiness index of urban residents
One Key to Start The Journey of Intelligent Transformation