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  • Application Scenarios
  • Related Algorithms
Real-time detection of faces in pictures, extract their facial features, compare the similarities of two faces, and put out the percentage of similarity.
  • 分析结果
  • 接口返回
VIP detection
Access Control System
Financial/Public Services

Based on the VIP image library, it compares the face of the event with the person in the store, identifies the store/institution VIP customers, and stores the data to assist in decision making.

User authentication through the camera, it is suitable for mobile phone unlocking, access control, etc.

Take 1:1 authentication for selfies and ID cards, complete identity verification services such as self-service processing and remote account opening, so that we can optimize service processes, and improve service efficiency

Conduct user authentication and face database contract through the camera, thus being applied to company attendance, etc.

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