Extreme Stars
For algorithm demanders, including governments, enterprises, integrators, project providers, etc.
Extreme Stars is a one-stop algorithmic reasoning deployment platform, with computer vision algorithms as the core, dedicated to helping algorithm demanders use algorithms for deployment easily and speeding up intelligent transformation. The platform is equipped with an exclusive algorithm marketplace of Extreme Vision, which enables enterprises to quickly deploy, manage, apply, demonstrate and optimize a large number of mature algorithms, and can view the authorization management, health status and data records of the algorithm at any time. The platform can achieve hour-level complete deployment, helping companies quickly apply AI algorithm capabilities
Core Function
  • Algorithm Marketplace
  • Algorithm Demonstration Center
  • Configuration Center
  • Online Marketplace
  • Alarm Marketplace
  • My Installation
  • Data Center
  • Alarm Center
  • Video Center
  • Algorithm Configuration
  • Equipment Configuration
  • Alarm Configuration
  • Other Configurations
  • Raw Data
  • User Management
  • Massive Algorithm Types
  • Real-time Monitoring and Alarm
  • Unified Algorithm Deployment and Management
  • Compatible with Various Devices
  • Based on K8S Operating Environment
  • Standard Connection Mode
  • The platform presets with a rich algorithm marketplace
  • The platform provides a large number of visual algorithms for users to choose independently, so as to meet users' visual recognition requirements for different scenarios
  • The platform performs real-time analysis and intelligent alarms on surveillance videos, and can also link with sound and light equipment for early warning
  • Algorithm identification records can be automatically stored for users to view later
  • The platform provides a visual operation interface, and allows users to configure the platform and algorithm parameters, adjusting them according to the on-site environment, so that to achieve the best results of the algorithm, and to realize the unified management of the algorithm
  • The platform is compatible with cameras of various manufacturers. Users can realize video analysis by using the original monitoring equipment
  • The platform algorithms run in the docker container and use Kubernetes to manage the container
  • compared with traditional virtual machines, it runs more stably, starts up more quickly, and occupies less resources
  • The platform provides standard API interfaces and documents, which can open AI capabilities in a standardized manner and support integrated connection with third-party systems
  • customers can also perform secondary development based on APIs according to actual requirements to empower enterprises
  • The “Extreme Stars" is oriented to algorithm demanders, providing companies with standardized algorithm delivery projects, giving companies the ability to deploy AI algorithms easily
  • With rich visual recognition algorithms, it provides intelligent monitoring and video analysis services for customers in many industries such as retail, communications, real estate, industry, catering, transportation, and public security
  • Algorithm Marketplace has accumulated 1,000 AI vision algorithms, and its application areas cover more than 30 industries such as smart cities, transportation, industry, security, and retail. It serves nearly 3,000 customers such as China Resources Group, Shenzhen Metro, Haier, etc., and the industry repurchase/recommendation rate has reached 85%.
Application Scenarios
Support applications in various fields such as smart cities, smart security, smart manufacturing, smart parks, commercial real estate, smart retail, etc.