Extreme Mart
Target Users
For algorithm developers, including algorithm engineers, teachers, students, AI learners, etc.
Product Overview
Extreme Mart is an algorithm training platform built for artificial intelligence algorithm engineers. It focuses on the field of computer vision algorithms and provides comprehensive algorithm development infrastructure support. Through powerful online programming tools, training task management, automatic testing, algorithm packaging and other functions, it uses real scene data to help algorithm optimization. With the platform, algorithm development tasks can be reduced from 120 days to 50 days to complete, greatly improving the efficiency of algorithm development
Core Function Module
  • Online Coding
  • Algorithm Training
  • Automatic Testing
  • Engineering Package
  • Pre-set convenient online coding IDE
  • Support custom coding environment configuration
  • Pre-set rich and deep learning framework, real scene data set, cutting-edge tool suite
  • Provide visual parameter adjustment and real-time notification of training status
  • The first visual algorithm model and SDK automatic test function
  • Built-in a variety of accelerated reasoning tools, support one-click algorithm SDK generation, and automatically complete SDK encryption authorization
Product Technical Advantages
  • Ensure Data Security
  • Efficient Development Friendly Experience
  • Powerful Training And Testing Task Monitoring System
  • The First Automatic Test Module
  • Multi-platform Support One-stop Release
  • The platform has a complete data set confidentiality mechanism. While protecting the property of the data set of the algorithm demander, algorithm developers can also develop excellent and landable algorithm models based on the data set
  • The platform provides visual VScode and JupyterLab online programming tools, and supports command line operations, which can provide developers with a friendly development environment and improve development efficiency and experience
  • The platform conducts comprehensive status management for all developers' training tasks; developers can obtain algorithm training status anytime and anywhere, and they will be notified in time when tasks are in different states
  • JiTest, the automatic testing framework created first by Extreme Vision, can quickly and multi-dimensionally and automatically evaluate the quality of the developer's model, including F1-score, FPS, hardware energy consumption value, etc., to accelerate the algorithm iteration of the developer; and it can quickly transplant the developer model to various application environments
  • The platform preset model conversion tool supports developers to easily complete the algorithm migration work, and realize the reasoning and release of the algorithm on the hardware platforms of different architectures
Product Value
  • Provide full-chain development tools for rich algorithm requirements to improve algorithm development efficiency
  • Support tens of thousands of professional algorithm developers, allowing algorithm developers to pay attention to the core links of algorithm training
  • Reduce the cost of algorithm development and meet the algorithm requirements of a large number of medium and long-tail fragmented scenarios
Application Scenario
Support artificial intelligence algorithm competitions, artificial intelligence teaching and training, scientific research projects, graduation projects and other types of tasks