Extreme Flow
Target Users
For those who have certain artificial intelligence research and development capabilities such as large and medium-sized enterprises, governments, research institutes, institutions, etc.
Product Overview
Extreme Flow is a machine learning service platform for enterprises or institutions, providing AI full life cycle management services from data processing, model training, model testing to model inference, and is committed to helping enterprises or institutions quickly build AI algorithm development and application capabilities . The platform provides algorithm visualization and participation in automated testing functions, supports intelligent task scheduling and resource intelligent monitoring, and helps companies comprehensively improve the efficiency of AI algorithm development, reduce AI algorithm application and management costs, and quickly realize intelligent upgrades
Core Function Module
  • Annotation Module
  • Training Module
  • Application Module
  • Management Module
  • Visual interface
  • Data annotation management and other operations
  • Provides an online development environment based on containers
  • And algorithm developers can complete model development in the cloud
  • Aggregate AI vision algorithms on the platform, applied by one click
  • Algorithm model review
  • Algorithm model release
  • Algorithm model list management
  • Algorithm model resource allocation, etc.
Product Technical Advantages
  • Efficient and Easy to Use
  • Flexible and Open
  • Safe and Reliable
  • One-stop full process, providing functions from data processing, online coding, model training, model testing to model inference, and realize data automatic process and the closed loop of AI algorithm development entire process
  • Support data intelligent labeling, and comprehensively improve the efficiency of data labeling
  • Provide low-code development and interactive development two coding methods, built-in pre-training model based on large-scale data set training, provide tools for visual parameters adjustment and automated testing, greatly improving the efficiency of algorithm development
  • Built-in a variety of commonly used algorithm frameworks, support local upload of custom mirrors
  • Support algorithm self-healing, edge autonomy, and algorithm intelligent iteration, which can solve unexpected problems in the deployment and application process in a timely manner and achieve better delivery results through continuous upgrades
  • The business layer is separated from the platform layer to support external system connection and independent expansion
  • Support privatized deployment, local data storage, local training, and local reasoning to meet enterprise security requirements
  • Isolation of coding and training environment, diverse data permission configuration
  • Automatic monitoring and warning of system resources, real-time control of system operation status
Product Value
  • One-stop full-process projects to help companies quickly build AI algorithm development and application capabilities, and realize intelligent transformation
  • Provide tools such as visual coding, automatic parameter adjustment, and automatic testing to reduce the difficulty of algorithm development and improve the efficiency of algorithm development
  • Data sets, codes, algorithm servers and other resources are managed in a unified manner to improve resource utilization efficiency, reduce R&D and maintenance costs, and ensure customer data security
Application Scenario
Support the establishment of various platforms such as internal AI middle-stations, local big data centers, artificial intelligence industry-university-research platforms, artificial intelligence laboratories, etc.
Product Architecture Diagram