Product & Technical Cooperation
Extreme Vision will provide comprehensive support to our partners, such as technology, solution, training, priority experience, promotion support, etc. We will cooperate with our partners to define the application value of AI.
  • Technical Support
    According to different forms of cooperation, we provide a variety of technical support and services, such as pre-sales consultation, solution optimization, technical documentation, POC projects, product integration, underlying technology docking, etc.
  • Solution Integration
    We will authorize partners to use exclusive materials of Extreme Vision, including LOGO, standard solutions, algorithm demonstration videos/pictures, etc., so as to help partners to integrate solutions.
  • Training Support
    Extreme Vision will regularly provide various online trainings for partners in charge of various business lines, including product side, technical side, business side, and project side. In-depth partners will enjoy on-site training or internal training qualifications to help partners achieve rapid business growth in the AI field.
  • Clients Filing
    The partner clients filing mechanism provides multiple guarantees for partners’ client channels
  • Priority Experience
    Partners will have priority to experience new algorithms and product features as well as priority internal testing rights for some products
  • Promotion Support
    We’ll cooperate with partners to create solutions which will be promoted through multiple online and offline channels.
  • AI Thous-Star Project
    Partners can take priority to participate in the AI Thous-Star Project - Select 1000 Algorithms for Free Development and promote landing of AI in all scenarios.
Cooperation Process
  • 01
    Submit Cooperation Intention Form
  • 02
    Determine the Partnership
  • 03
    Become the Contracted Partner
Product & Technical Cooperation Application Form
Application Requirements
  • 1. Possess the legal personality recognized by the state and can independently assume relevant civil legal responsibilities ;
  • 2. Understand the application scenarios of image recognition, and have the sales and technical capabilities for projects implementation ;
  • 3. Comply with the relevant channel regulations of Extreme Vision, identify with our product value and cultural philosophy, be willing to have long-term cooperation with us, and make joint development.
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*Contact Person
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*Intended Cooperation Fields
*Intended Cooperation Algorithms
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