Retail & FMCG Cases
AI helps the Retail & FMCG industry to improve business efficiency
  • Extreme Vision has created an Intelligent Dressing Analysis System for Red Dragonfly. The system uses AI vision algorithms to obtain customer information such as gender, age, dressing style, profile category and so on, to help store managers and salespeople make personalized recommendations, so as to increase sales and transaction rates eventually
Industry Solutions
  • 01
    The fragmentation of retail stores and the difficulty of data collection lead to less decision-making basis
  • 02
    Insufficient marketing makes it difficult to convert store sales
Pain Points of Industry
Solution Overview
Extreme Vision Smart Retail Analysis System can collect the full-process commercial data through the store camera, and further obtain the customer's gender, age, dressing preference, consumption habits, etc.,. Through intelligent methods, the system can screen out effective information to improve the purchasing power of the store and business management capabilities.
Solution Value
  • Optimize decision-making efficiency
    From data collection to data application, it assists store managers in decision-making, personnel optimization, products and layout, to improve store attraction rate
  • Accurate marketing to improve performance
    The solution can make personalized recommendations based on customers' gender, age, clothing style, color and other preferences, which can increase user favorability, and store turnover
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