Smart Logistics Cases
Future-oriented transportation management methods to improve the operational efficiency of the logistics industry
Industry Solutions
  • 01
    The warehouse is prone to explosion at the expressage peak node
  • 03
    In the process of logistics transportation, the detection rely on labor. As a result, the transportation efficiency needs to be improved
  • 02
    The phenomenon of courier violence sorting and damage to expressage frequently appears, resulting in complaints
Pain Points of Industry
Solution Overview
Extreme Vision smart logistics algorithm series can use AI vision algorithms and cameras to effectively solve the problems of seasonal warehouse explosion, violent sorting, lack of service quality, express security hazards, lack of supervision, and low work efficiency in the logistics industry, which helps to promote the intelligent upgrading and transformation of the logistics industry.
Solution Value
  • Optimize logistics and transportation efficiency
    Optimize the operational efficiency of the logistics industry with AI vision algorithms and transform it to refined operations
  • Improve user experience and service quality
    By improving the quality of logistics services, enhance user experience and stickiness
One Key to Start The Journey of Intelligent Transformation