Intelligent Manufacturing Cases
Technological innovation realizes cost reduction and efficiency increase of enterprises, and comprehensively improves the level of enterprise digitalization and intelligence
  • Extreme Vision has created an AI industrial intelligent perception platform for Haier, including platform systems, hardware marketplace, algorithm supermarkets, and developer modules, which realized a unified management and problem-solving method for all factories under Haier.
  • The intelligent video analysis system created by Extreme Vision for Unilever can detect and manage the safety situation of construction sites, factories, workshops, etc., and promptly warn unsafe behaviors to escort safe production.
  • Extreme Vision cooperated with BJGRIMM Technology Group to carry out intelligent transformation for beneficiation workshop of JINCHUAN Group, to ensure workshop’s security and improve working efficiency.
  • Extreme Vision has created a liquid level recognition algorithm and pipe burst detection algorithm for CISDI, which can ensure the operation of steel production, provide automatic early warning of potential security risks, and remind staff to deal with potential safety hazards timely.
  • Extreme Vision has provided the China Electric Power Research Institute with the identification of foreign objects in photovoltaic panels, automatically detects and divides the photovoltaic panels in the screen, and corrects the divided drawing board images. After correction, it detects whether the photovoltaic panels have bird droppings or dust and outputs coordinate information.
Industry Solutions
  • 01
    Part of the production equipment is old, which is easily to cause equipment stability decline and safety accidents
  • 02
    The traditional production relies on manual labor which leads to low efficiency
Pain Points of Industry
Solution Overview
Through cameras with computer vision algorithms in workshop production line, the solution of Extreme Vision can monitor and intelligently identify the equipment security and personnel operation of the entire production process, to improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce production costs, and ensure production security.
Solution Value
  • Ensure production security
    The Solution can detect and deal with hidden dangers in the production process in time to ensure the production security of the enterprise
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs
    Intelligent monitoring replaces manual monitoring, which can reduce production costs and improve production efficiency
  • Control product quality
    The solution can find product defects in real time, control and optimize product quality
One Key to Start The Journey of Intelligent Transformation