Smart Transportation Cases
Empower traditional transportation industry and improve the level of urban transportation governance and planning
  • Extreme Vision and Shenzhen Metro jointly built the "Intelligent Recognition and Early Warning System of Shenzhen Metro Line 11 Security Zone Construction ", which can timely check whether there is any illegal construction in the metro security area and ensure the security of metro operations. It is the first AI intelligent inspection project applied in the subway security area in China.
  • Extreme Vision and TMRI jointly developed an off-site traffic violation AI review system, which can accurately analyze illegal images such as vehicles running red lights, retrograde, not following the guidance line, speeding, and violating prohibition lines, which can efficiently eliminate 70% invalid photos and improve the efficiency of manual secondary review by 330%. The product has been certified by the Quality Supervision and Testing Center of the Ministry of Public Security.
  • Extreme Vision and Internet of Vision jointly developed the intelligent gas station solution. The solution uses vehicle recognition & feature tracking algorithms, and vehicle & fuel gun number correspondence recognition algorithms, through camera, to ecognizes the license plate number, the fuel gun and the corresponding relationship between the fuel gun and the vehicle, which finally realizes non-sensing license plate payment.
Industry Solutions
  • 01
    Urban traffic management faces multiple challenges such as congestion and security
  • 03
    The collection and processing of traffic violation information is not timely
  • 02
    Traditional traffic monitoring methods rely heavily on labor, which is not efficient and easy to make mistakes
Pain Points of Industry
Solution Overview
For different traffic scenarios, the application directions of the Extreme Vision Smart Traffic Management System are divided into smart rail transit, smart road transportation and smart port transportation. The system can efficiently identify traffic violations in different scenarios, comprehensively manage traffic security, and avoid casualties.
Solution Value
  • Reduce the cost of manual review and improve review efficiency
    Efficiently identify traffic violations, effectively reduce manual review costs, and improve review efficiency
  • Ensure personnel traffic safety and respond in time
    All-round management of personnel traffic safety to avoid casualties. Once a traffic accident occurs, the system can provide timely feedback and processing
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