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  • Extreme Vision provides air conditioner fault code identification for Daikin Air Conditioning, which can identify the fault code of the air conditioner indoor remote controller and the indicator code of the air conditioner outdoor unit, quickly locate the air conditioner fault problem, and greatly improve the efficiency of maintenance.
  • Extreme Vision provides NARI Group with general text recognition AI technical support, which can realize custom OCR of various types and high security, customization and self-training functions under different templates, such as: contracts, invoices, train tickets, and airplane tickets , Academic degree certificate, passport identification, forms, etc.
  • Extreme Vision has created electronic badge identification algorithm for China Resources Group Shouzheng electronic bidding platform, which can automatically complete multiple functions including electronic chapter matting, electronic chapter text recognition, electronic chapter comparison, legal person signature comparison, etc., automatically grab authorization letter company Name, and archive the image, compare signature similarity, etc
  • Extreme Vision uses visual recognition technology, in the form of image data collection by taking pictures of robots, to realize the count of cash in the treasury and the detection of cash out of the package (including RMB bundled, foreign currency bundled and foreign currency bundled).
  • Extreme Vision creates Water Pipe Route Detection algorithm for Aijia Life to prevent workers from decorating water pipes to the ground, avoid construction hazards, and solve the problem of water pipe leakage timely.
  • Extreme Vision helps Xinchao Media to automatically identify and judge whether the advertising machine in the detected picture is completely shot, and whether the location of the advertising machine in the published photo meets the brand photo standard, whether the advertising content is clear and identifiable, whether the advertising machine screen appears black or System popup, and output the judgment result.
  • Extreme Vision provides image search algorithm for Laihua, which can realize the high-accuracy classification comparison between the input image and the image in image library in real time, and finally output the most similar image.
  • Extreme Vision has created an intelligent comprehensive analysis system for China Resources Theater that integrates algorithm functions in one including emotion recognition, security monitoring, and passenger flow attributes.
  • Extreme Vision provides face recognition for Xuanren Culture, which can extract face features in the picture, analyze, calculate and obtain the corresponding face attribute data, and output the divination result in combination with Feng Shui and numerology.
  • Extreme Vision provides Qianhai Sports Science and Technology with basketball players' motion positioning recognition. Through real-time deep data analysis of the camera's video images, the complex three-dimensional images are transformed into intuitive two-dimensional plane dynamic images, so that the range of motion and trajectory of each player and the basketball are clearly visible.
  • Extreme Vision provides Facefoto with face clustering, which can extract features of the face in the picture, and find the photo with the face in the picture library and return it to the client.
  • Extreme Vision provides underwater image enhancement for VXFLY, which can enhance the image/video taken under water, and make the original blurry image clearer and improve the visual effect of the image.
  • Extreme Vision provides image repair & improvement algorithms and bleed recognition algorithms and image depth identification algorithm for Deepmind solutions., which replaces the original work with low difficulty but requires human resources with computer vision to optimize the efficiency of printing processing.
  • Public welfare publicity in public places has a high degree of exposure and good publicity. For public service announcement machine set up in shopping malls, subway stations, etc., Extreme Vision uses visual AI algorithms as the basis to adjust and generate facial changes pictures after 2/4/5/8 years of drug use to help achieve the purpose of public welfare education and publicity.
  • Under epidemic, self-examination through physical parameters such as heart rate and body temperature is extremely important. Based on AI image identification technology, through the WeChat applet function, it can quickly and efficiently detect its own heart rate parameter status combined with the video heart rate monitoring algorithm.
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